Weeding Season

Planting Season is over, and with all the moisture God has given us this Spring, the seeds we've planted have sprouted, but the weeds are making their presence known as well!

As we get down & dirty with these weeds, let's remember that, just as with our gardens, there are plenty of weeds in our lives that need our attention, lest they choke out the good planting that we have labored at!!

Work, Eat, Rest, Recreate!




As we have always intended with the signs we post here at 'The Education Station, one of our recent signs ( see which one, HERE! ) caught the attention of one of the public schooling advocates in our town.  The letter below, entitled 'A Disheartening Message', is a letter to the editor published in our local newspaper, 'The Whitehall Ledger'.

 Click here to read her Letter

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Here is a follow-up Guest Editorial by our Ruling Elder



Online Sermons



Timothy P. Martin-Mere Christianity

( Current Series )

'Who are we, as Christians?', Tim asks.

More importantly, 'what does it mean to be a follower of Jesus'?

Throughout this series, these and other similar questions will be answered!



Bo Stuart-Israel in Sheol

( Current Series )

Following the chronicle found in the Book of Kings ( 1 & 2 Kings ), Bo Stuart leads us on an exploration of the depths of Sheol, or the 'hell' that Israel endured until the appointed time when their Messiah was finally Revealed!



Our Name; Who We Are, What We're About

At Covenant Community Church, we believe that our lives should reflect the Truth that has been revealed to us, thus the name of our website, Truth In Living!

As the Body of Christ, the Church has been commissioned to carry on His work in His Kingdom. In this capacity, and as a nation of priests, We are to be about our Father's business, that of spreading His Knowledge and Love to a hungrily searching world!

The Church around the world, and especially in modern America seems to have forgotten this and has not practiced this important function like She should!

We believe that the Church needs to be reawakened to this glorious fact, and to begin once more to fulfill her Priestly duty to God and His Present and Glorious Kingdom!





A Sea of Glass

Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away.
Also there was no more sea.
Revelation 21:1

In most of today's theological & political landscape, there is so much of a focus on the individual that The Story seems to have lost all relevance! There is definitely an individual aspect to life & living, but because we have put too much emphasis on individual accomplishment, The Story has, in many cases, been forgotten! If we are ever to get back to where we should be in this nation, we must remember that Story, our part in it, and learn from our past History!
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