• Did God really flood the entire globe in the days of Noah?
      • Have all the people today on planet earth come from the "seed of Noah"?
      • Have all the thousands of animal species on planet earth descended from those on the ark?
      • Is "science" so completely at odds with the Biblical record or are we missing something?

        Is there a better way?

If you have ever asked these kinds of questions, you owe it to yourself to read

  Beyond Creation Science New Covenant Creation from Genesis to Revelation by Timothy P. Martin and Jeffrey L. Vaughn, Phd (Click on Book Cover to learn more and place orders)

This is an entirly new and greatly expanded (450+ pages) volume which builds upon Mr. Martin's earlier work:  Beyond Creation Science How Preterism Refutes a Global Flood and Impacts the Genesis Debate by Timothy P. Martin The online book has been removed but we still have a few hard copies. To order click here (While supply lasts)

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