The Education Station

The "Station" gets its name from the railroading history of our little town. We are on the corner of Legion and Division Streets across from the town park and what was the site of the historic railroad depot which burned down a few years ago.

The "Station" serves primarily as a community center for the home schooling families and others that  have an interest in non-governmental solutions to the problems of the culture that we find ourselves in. Our primary focus is on home schooling families because we believe that as an identifiable group, they represent one of the best hopes for the reformation of the culture and society. 

Our mission is to provide a place and a framework within which a decentralized, cooperative society may grow and prosper.

We invite any homeschooling family in or near the Jefferson Valley, or anyone with an interest in providing their children with a godly education to join with us as we work for reformation of families, the church and society.

Here is a good place to start when considering your duty before God as the primary educator of your children.

Education: State V. Parents-Matt Trewhella January 6, 2008

Allow me to warn you that this is not for the luke-warm and the half-hearted. This is what reformation sounds like. 

More sermons, on this and many other subjects, can be found here;

Mercy Seat Christian Church




A Much Needed Lesson for Christians

regarding the Civil Power

John Randolph Tucker was born at Winchester, Virginia, on the 24th of December, 1823, and died at Lexington, Virginia, on the 13th of February. 1897. He was the son of Henry St. George Tucker, President of the Court of Appeals of Virginia, and grandson of St. George Tucker, also a member of that court, and who was the author of “Tucker’s Blackstone,” the first commentary on the Constitution of the United States.

After destroying the arguments for a “Social Compact Theory” of civil government advocated by the likes of Hobbes and Rousseau, the author sets forth the following explanation of the derivation of society and its government and their relation to the rights of man. Read Exerpt Here



 We cannot restore the "Rule of Law" without

a return to a fully Biblical Worldview.

Here is a good site for study re: Law

For you parents and teenage members of CCC This is an excellent resource. Let's equip our freeborn sons and daughters with the tools needed to maintain their status.



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