Beyond Father's "DAY"

There are many who lament and decry the breakdown of our American culture together with our decent into tyranny. Some recognize that the family is suffering severe attacks from an array of forces and influences that seem more prevalent than in past generations. The seeming need†for two incomes, the continual assaults from the entertainment industry and political antics of the "alternative lifestyle" groups are all sited as threats to the Christian family. I would submit that none of these are the real problem. The real culprit is men who have, on an epidemic scale, abdicated their responsibility.

There has been a serious lack of calls for repentance from leaders in the church. Why do we not hear teaching from the pulpit on the glorious subject of Biblical Manhood? Because the pulpit is staffed by the feminized, the cowardly and the muzzled. You cannot teach what you donít know, so many well meaning men and pastors are without the means to teach and train their sons and the cycle spirals downward.

It takes a long time for a culture to recover itís lost heritage if ever they do. This is partly because we are born into a culture that is already up and running. We learn to breathe the error, if you will, and it becomes normative. We do not know that we do not know what we do not know. This is why God has commanded us to remember his works...what he has done in the past. We remember by reading and studying His story. (History)

Many homes are completely without a male presence. Brokeness in the home is at an all-time high. For those Christian homes that have a male in the house they are often informed more by pop-psychologists than the Word of God as to how to govern in the home. The example is Christ. We men are to love our wives as Christ loves his church. This means "sacrificially." Conquering by dying is gospel principle.

As goes the home - so goes the nation. When the breakdown of the Christian family reaches a certain level, the nation is ripe for destruction. Defense becomes impossible in a self seeking, individualistic culture. There is no discipline and no willingness to "lay your life down" for your neighbor. The sad thing is that there is often nothing left worth defending.

If you are so blessed to have a family then may you consider with all seriousness your role as a husband and father. Let us throw off the sins of feminism and neglect and turn to our God in repentance. Lead those in your care in the fear of God. Strive to learn of and imitate Jesus in his meekness, Jesus in his love, Jesus in his wisdom and Jesus in his strength. Pray with your family and FOR your family. Make regular participation in a local church that has a high regard for Biblical Patriarchy and covenant headship your practice. Begin where you are to redeem with Godís help a healthy Biblically grounded family so that he may use you to set our nation once again on a firm foundation. May your sons and daughters many generations from now look back and rejoice in YOUR faithfulness.

Happy Fathering!

Recommended reading.

  1. The Federal Husband† by Douglas Wilson (Paperback)†

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