Colossians; the Gospel of Jesus Christ According to Paul

The book of Colossians, or more correctly, the letter to the Colossians, was written in the early 60s AD, most likely from a Roman prison, and toward the end of Paul's earthly existence. The most important thing to remember when reading this letter, as with all of Paul's letters, is that Paul was a devout Hebrew, 'a Hebrew of the Hebrews', as he termed himself. When studying the writings of Paul, this most important fact is often neglected to the detriment of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In this study, Tim Martin brings back to light much of the contextual truth that is often overlooked by modern seminarians. May God bless you richly, as we study together, this 'Gospel according to Paul'!

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   Colossians; an Introduction - 4-15-12  mp3_over.jpg

 Paul's Creation Context - 4-29-12

 2.  The New Exodus - 5-6-12  mp3_over.jpg
 3.  The Firstborn Over All Creation - 6-24-12  mp3_over.jpg
 4.   All Things Reconciled - 7-8-12  mp3_over.jpg
 5.   Every Creature Under Heaven -  7-15-12  mp3_over.jpg
 6.   The Mystery Revealed - 7-29-12  mp3_over.jpg
 7.   A New Law for a New World - 8-12-12  mp3_over.jpg

 Circumcision of the Heart; Fulfillled                  - 8-19-12


 Freedom in Christ- 9-2-12


 That Which You Do Not Eat, You Do Not Touch - 9-16-12


 The Move from Death to Life - 9-30-12

 12.  The Change From Adam to Christ                  - 10-14-12  mp3_over.jpg
 13.  Living in the Last Adam -10-28-12  mp3_over.jpg
 14.  The Application of the New Creation              - 11-11-12  mp3_over.jpg
 15.  Family Life in the Resurrection - 11-25-12  mp3_over.jpg
 16.  Finishing Strong ( Allusions ) - 12-9-12  mp3_over.jpg

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