Covenant; the air that we breathe!

Tim Martin has begun a new series of sermons on the Covenant, introducing us, or rather, reintroducing us to this foundational and relational concept, which is a necessary reality to all of life! Follow us as he leads us through the  Scriptures in exploring this very basic fact in the Life of the Kingdom!

1.   Covenant: Created in Love                               - January 8th, 2012                       mp3_over.jpg
 2.  Covenant: Peace Through Sacrifice                 - January 22nd, 2012  mp3_over.jpg

 Covenant: Deeper Than Blood                        - February 5th, 2012

 4.  Covenant: Freedom From Oppression           - February 19th, 2012               mp3_over.jpg
 5.  Covenant: Sea Creatures Too                          - March 4th, 2012  mp3_over.jpg
 6.  Covenant: The Divine Image                              - March 18th, 2012  mp3_over.jpg
 7.  Covenant: Entering God's Rest                         - April 1st, 2012  mp3_over.jpg

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