The Prophet Daniel

Daniel lived at a time in covenant history that most consider very dark. God judged Judah for her rebellion and disobedience. The land was overrun by foreigners. Solomon's temple was destroyed. Those who survived the Babylonian conquest were taken into a foreign land.

But through the Book of Daniel we know that God was doing amazing things. It was actually the death of Israel that brought life to the Gentile world. Through the priestly ministry of Daniel and his friends, God converted Nebuchadnezzar, ruler of a great ancient civilization, to faith in God. The covenant gospel actually expanded in authority, influence, prominence and glory. This is not entirely new, for Daniel is an echo of the Joseph story in Genesis.

A lot of Christians believe that Christians in the West now†live at a dark time in history. It is easy to become pessimistic and think that things are going downhill fast. Should we be pessimistic? Not if we learn the lessons of Daniel. It is precisely the dark times in history that God loves to do the most astonishing acts. Daniel teaches us to expect great things from God in the most unlikely circumstances. What we tend to think of as "the end of the world" is precisely when God is busy building a new world around his faithful people. Modern Christians need to learn the lessons of Daniel.

Please let us know†how you are†growing from the teaching you find here. As always, your questions are welcome.

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