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Faithful application of God's Truth to every area of life is the only way to real prosperity, peace and liberty.

We are a Christian community of families who desire to live and practice a biblical faith that is reformational, redemptive and transformative. We do not wait for the "return" of our Lord because we "see" his presence among us and in the world around us. We know that Christ is our soverereign Lord and King and we govern our lives, our families and our congregational life in terms of this truth.

We are "political" in the sense that we will serve only one Lord and King, Jesus Christ. We are neither "Right Wing" nor "Left Wing," we eschew the political and theological labels of "liberal and conservative." We respect the work of the early church fathers, the reformers and America's Founding Fathers while understanding them in their historical contexts. We highly value Christian Liberty (Galatians 5:1), desire to live at peace with all men as much as possible (Romans 12:18) and live lives of worship of God in Spirit and Truth.(John 4:23-24)

Once upon a time in America and the West in general, there were among most men common beliefs that informed their actions. This body of commonly held beliefs grew from a reformational Christian faith that took on and defeated the power brokers in the Church and the civil government. Among those beliefs were these:

  • There is such a thing as God's truth.
  • Truth by its very nature must be objective therefore man cannot be its source.
  • Man discovers truth as it is revealed to him by God.

Today, many Christians are confused and disillusioned. The beliefs they hold do not seem to carry much weight with the culture and they are at a loss when it comes to living life in conformity to these basic principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The advent of the modern "public" school, the nationalization of America with the post civil war amendments and court rulings and the minimization of the Gospel by mainline "Christianity" have all worked together to bring us into a post-Christian era with a humanist culture, a marginalized church and a neo-fascist civil government.

We who name the name of Christ are more likely to be conformed to the culture than to Christ. This ought not be and we believe that herein lies the answer to the cultural disintegration that we see all around us. How then must we live?

Truth IN Living is a web site sponsored and maintained by Covenant Community Church. We desire to serve those who recognize the problems in our families, churches and culture and are willing to go back to the God of our fathers in humble repentance and once again learn to live out the Good News of the Kingdom spoken of by our great Saviour and Teacher, Jesus Christ.

Every generation of Christians has the duty to live out the Good News, the gospel of the Kingdom of God, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Every generation of Christians has the duty to learn from Scripture, History and Nature. Every generation of Christians has the duty to build upon the faithful works of our fathers while working to discover and correct their errors.

We believe in a very long future and know with certainty that the complete victory won in Christ is a present reality. The task of reformation, however, is never easy and is fraught with dangers. We encourage you to "fear not" and be of good courage for we know the power of Him whom we serve. Covenant Community Church is committed to presenting a full-orbed "where the rubber meets the road" Christian witness as we "study to show ourselves approved" and practice "Truth In Living."  We desire to challenge, inform and edify the larger body of Christ. It is our hope that our effort here will be added to the faithful work of others and blessed of God to the reformation of the hearts and minds of husbands and fathers, families and churches.

May the blessings of the fullness of Christ, and His peace be upon you and your household as you dwell with all thankfulness and joy in the house of God .


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