The Sermon on the Mount

In this series Bo Stuart explores life in the covenant community, or the Kingdom of God. How many have asked the question; "What is wrong with the modern church?" or "Why are we not a light to the world?"

Could it be that we have completely missed the Bible's teachings on life in the kingdom as our Lord explained it?

As always, your questions are welcome.

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  Covenant Life in the Kingdom of God 

by Jesus Christ as recorded by Saint Matthew at Chapter 5.

Part 1

Introduction  Sept 23, 2007


Part 2

Be Happy in the Kingdom  Oct 7, 2007


Part 3

The Kingdom According to the Law & the Prophets  Oct 21, 2007


Part 4

Blessed are Those that Mourn  Nov 11, 2007


Part 5

Blessed are The Meek  Nov 18, 2007 

Scriptural language on a beer can?


This is meek beer.


Part 6

Blessed are They Who Hunger & Thirst   Nov 25, 2007


Part 7

Blessed are The Merciful Dec 9, 2007


Part 8

Santa and 666 - Christmas 2007


Part 9
Blessed are the Pure In Heart   Jan 6, 2008


Part 10 Blessed are the Peace Makers  Jan 27, 2008


Part 11 Blessed are Those Persecuted  Feb 10, 2008


Part 12

You (the Church) are the Salt & Light  Feb 24, 2008


Part 18  God Hates Divorce!  May 11, 2008  mp3_over.jpg
Part 20  An Eye for an Eye  June 8, 2008  mp3_over.jpg

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